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Every day, billions of people connect with their favorite brands to shop online, play games, share ideas, manage money, and so much more. They may not know it, but Akamai is there, powering and protecting life online.

Over 20 years ago, we set out to solve the toughest challenge of the early internet: the “World Wide Wait.” And we’ve been solving the internet’s toughest challenges ever since, working toward our vision of a safer and more connected world.

Akamai Connected Cloud — our massively distributed edge and cloud platform — makes it easy for businesses to develop and run applications and workloads, while we put experiences closer to users and keep threats farther away. That’s why innovative companies worldwide choose Akamai to build, deliver, and secure their digital experiences. 

Our suite of leading cloud computingsecurity and content delivery services are helping global companies make life better for billions of people, billions of times a day.

Content Delivery Solutions (CDN)

You create extraordinary digital experiences. Trust the agility and scale of Akamai Connected Cloud to help you flawlessly deliver them.


App and API Performance Solutions

API Acceleration

Optimize API performance and availability while enhancing user experiences.

Global Traffic Management

Optimize app performance and avoid outages with intelligent load balancing.


Capture user experience data. Optimize website performance. Measure ROI.a


Stress test your websites and apps with robust, real-time load testing.

Image & Video Manager

Automatically optimize and enhance visual media for every user, on any device.


Get an inside look at CDN performance with log data at scale.


Deliver fast, engaging, and reliable user experiences on your sites and apps.

Security Solutions

Embed strong security everywhere your business meets the world


App and API Performance Solutions

API Security

Gain full visibility into your entire API estate with continuous detection and monitoring.

App & API Protector

One-stop, zero-compromise security for websites, applications, and APIs.


Stop DDoS at any scale, anywhere. On-demand, always-on, in-cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.

Edge DNS

Rely on highly secure DNS for nonstop availability of web apps and APIs.

Cloud Computing Services

Modern cloud infrastructure with industry-leading price-performance.


Cloud computing services

Dedicated CPU

Dedicated CPU instances run on their own CPU cores in the cloud computing infrastructure. No sharing the processor with other instances.

Premium Instances

Premium instances provide a minimum hardware model for consistent performance on dedicated resources.

Shared CPU

Affordable Shared CPU plans are ideal for general workloads and include generous amounts of free bundled transfer.

Linode Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Kubernetes clusters with our fully managed container orchestration engine.

High Memory

High Memory instances offer a cost-effective way to run memory-intensive applications on dedicated CPUs. Perfect for when you need more RAM without increasing storage or vCPUs.


Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network.

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