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Integrated App And API Security Platform

Wallarm is the only solution that unifies best-in-class API Security and WAAP (Next-Gen WAF) capabilities to protect your entire API and web application portfolio in multi-cloud and cloud-native environments.

What Does Integrated Mean?





Your Blueprint For Reducing API Security Risk

Purpose-built to discover, protect, and test apps and APIs - wherever they are running


ㆍ Inventory all your assets


ㆍ Map and track changes in

exposed APIs and services

Reconstruct API and app

topology from the traffic

ㆍIdentify sensitive data usage


ㆍ Secure against OWASP Top 10

ㆍMitigate API specific threats

ㆍ Blockbots and L7 DDoS


ㆍMonitor threats with complete


ㆍ Drill down into malicious requests

ㆍ Receive alerts on only the

incidents that matter


ㆍAutomate API security testing in


Discover misconfiguration issues

ㆍConduct continuous

assessments from the cloud

Fast Deployment Everywhere

The unique architecture enables you to quickly install in diverse environments by mixing different deployment options—and yet manage everything with one unified console.

Cloud And Multi-Cloud

Jump-start deployment with pre-built images available in cloud providers' marketplaces, like AWS, GCP, MS Azure, or IBM Cloud. Get Wallarm up and running in any public or private cloud, or any combination of them.

Private Data Center

Wallarm API Security platform is architected to provide the same web app and API protection in your private cloud and data centers as in public clouds.

Kubernetes Or Container-Based Infrastructure

Deploy Wallarm site-wide with the Ingress Controller or with the flexibility of an Envoy-based sidecar proxy for select services to enable both north-south and east-west traffic analysis.

Out-Of-Band Deployment

For faster POV or when deploying inline is not an option, Wallarm can analyze your web app and API traffic by tapping to cloud-native technology (such as ePBF).

API Management And Load Balancers

Deploy directly into your load balancers (e.g., NGINX, Envoy) or API Gateways (e.g., Kong) to avoid added complexity and inspect traffic with near-zero latency.

At The Edge / Cloud WAAP (SaaS)

A simple DNS record change will route application traffic through the distributed network where Wallarm runs on the edge. This enables deployment as fast as 15 minutes and the benefits of a cloud service (such as CDN, cache, and others).

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