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Acronis Cyber Backup FOR BUSINESSES

Protect your business with reliable, easy-to-use, secure backup


Easily scale cyber protection services from a single platform – while efficiently running your MSP business

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can deliver integrated backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint management at scale, while preserving your margins and streamlining your business operations with powerful automation capabilities and broad integrations.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery across client environments​ Acronis provides data protection to enable partners to protect their clients’ data no matter where it might reside across physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments. Backup and recovery capabilities include the ability to bring data back in whatever form it’s needed – full image, file-based, and more, while disaster recovery minimizes downtime with the ability to quickly spin-up workloads in case of a DR event, and offers runbooks and test failovers to help ensure everything will work when needed. ​


Integrated cybersecurity solutions for full ransomware protection​ Our AI powered cybersecurity solutions include next-gen antimalware, email security, and endpoint detection & response to enable partners with strong, complete protection against ransomware and other threats. With Acronis, cybersecurity isn’t an add-on – it’s integrated with our backup and recovery capabilities so you get true end-to-end protection and recoverability if needed.​

Endpoint Management

Proactive endpoint management and protection for greater security​ With proactive endpoint management, you can simplify routine tasks via scripting, and close client security gaps with automated patch management capabilities. Gain visibility in your clients’ software assets and data protection to ease daily tracking and planning tasks, and improve clients’ uptime by monitoring the health of disk drives.​


Streamline business operations with Acronis automation capabilities​ Acronis automation capabilities allow you to automate workflows, enable data-driven decisions, and deliver smarter resource utilization, resulting in improved manageability and stronger client relationships. Specific capabilities include service desk integrated ticketing to help eliminate manual tracking, and MSP-centric billing automation for automatic creation of invoices from timesheet data.​


Extend, and build apps with integrations across our ecosystem​

With Acronis, developers can integrate and extend applications and services with cyber protection solutions while connecting and selling them with the Acronis community of 50,000 channel partners. Acronis APIs and SDKs enable developers, ISVs, and MSPs to customize, integrate, and extend their applications with Acronis solutions.​

Why Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud​

Increased Control

Reduce complexity and control the services you deliver for your customers: security, backup, disaster recovery, endpoint management, automation. All with the flick of a switch

Vendor Consolidation

Managing multiple vendors leads to increased costs, greater risk, and added operational overhead. Consolidate your vendors and increase efficiency of service delivery to your clients.

Centralized Management & Monitoring

Efficiently manage and monitor your clients through a single console, giving you better and more effective control over their cyber protection.

World Class Partner Support

Drive your business with pre-packaged marketing campaigns, training, and other resources, available through the Acronis Partner Portal.

Reduced Training Time

By delivering client services through a single console, you can reduce training time for new technicians by up to 50%, and allow them to focus more time on driving business.


Best-in-breed cloud backup for MSP enhanced with cyber protection

To protect clients' business-critical data, backup is not enough – clients need an integrated approach to cyber protection. Paired with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, the Advanced Cloud Backup Pack enables you to extend the cloud backup capabilities your clients need to proactively protect their data.

Increase automation and productivity​

Deliver near-zero RPOs and downtime with cloud backup enhancements – like continuous data protection. Save time while preventing client data loss.​

The most secure managed cloud backup

Acronis delivers a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features, such as anti-malware and antivirus – helping you keep clients’ data secure.

Protect more workload types​


Protect more than 20 workload types from a single console, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters, and SAP HANA.​


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

With Advanced Backup

File-level, disk-level, image and application backups

Backup popular workloads like Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hyper-V, VMware, and much more

Hybrid storage options – Acronis-hosted storage, public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, or MSP local storage

Flexible recovery options from full systems to granular files

Cloud-Physical-Virtual migrations

Archive encryption

Incremental and differential backups

Group management for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace: Create static or dynamic groups based on your Azure AD data and simplify protection management for multiple seats by eliminating the need to configure protection for each individual seat

Adjustable backup frequency for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace: Reduce RPO and improve business continuity by backing up your seats data up to 6 times per day

Extended backup support: Covers Microsoft SQL clusters, Microsoft Exchange clusters, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DB, and SAP HANA

Data protection map and compliance reporting: Scan clients’ environments to ensure their workloads, files, applications, and users are protected

Continuous data protection (CDP): Acronis’ agent monitors and backs up changes in real time with near-zero RPOs, ensuring no data is lost

Off-host data processing: Reduce the CPU/RAM consumption and achieve near-zero RTO of a protected workload

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