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don't hack in.
They log in.

Prevent your next identity-based
cyberattack with the AuthMind platform.
It works anywhere and deploys in minutes.


AuthMind Arms Organizations with Continuous Visibility and Discovery Capabilities Needed to Protect Against Today's Identity-Based Threats

By tracking all access flows across all applications, AuthMind eliminates previously hidden security gaps such as shadow identities, MFA Gaps, compromised identities and more. Easily deployed and requiring zero integrations, AuthMind works in any cloud or network. It extends your existing XDR and SOAR solutions, with analyzed and actionable critical identity risk information.


Find Identity Security Gaps

AuthMind Discovers Identity Security Gaps. Continuous discovery of critical identity risks on any cloud and network, powered by patent-pending access neural network technology

Identity Hardening

AuthMind Hardens Identities with Risks. Frictionless notifications, alerting, ticket creation, self-service password changes and more

Automated Prevention

AuthMind Enables Real-Time Identity Risk Prevention

Automatic prevention of critical identity risks by blocking access, adding MFA and more


Use Cases

Missing MFA​

Consistently discover and remediate multi-factor authentication (MFA) gaps that would otherwise remain unfound

Compromised Identities

Compromised Identities

Gain the insight & real-time remediation needed to prevent compromised identities and credentials from causing a crisis

Identity Awareness

It’s identity first. Create a strong, foundational starting point from which to work. Identify your identities and know what they are doing.

Shadow Identities

Eliminate shadow and unmanaged identities that all-too-often serve as dangerous pathways for cybercriminals

Authentication Quality and Security Issues

Automatically identify and alert on your organization’s authentication

infrastructure gaps

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