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Powerful, simple and reliable endpoint cybersecurity for small offices. And their remote workers.

Outstanding Protection

Multi-award winning, triple-layered protection, blocks all types of malware threats, prevents access to malicious websites and stops ransomware in its tracks, keeping you safe – always.

Flexible licensing

Choose from annual subscriptions to monthly invoicing, giving you the flexibility to manage your online security in a way that fits perfectly with your business model.

Simple, Effective Security

BullGuard Small Office Security couldn’t be simpler to use. Employees simply install the app as they would any other. It's silent, quick and effective allowing them to get on with what they do best.

Meet Compliance Requirements

The growing tangle of compliance requirements can be dizzying. How do you keep up? Protecting your devices with BullGuard Small Office Security goes a long way to meeting mandatory legislation and keeping your business out of harm’s way.

Protect All Your Devices

Lock down your workstations and laptops against malware and safeguard all your smartphones and other mobile devices when your team is out and about.

Top performance

Many businesses have concerns about how much system resources cyber security uses. They are concerned it will eat up processing power and slow computers down. Never fear, you won’t even notice that BullGuard Small Office Security is even running.

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