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Mailprotector has the complete email security platform your users need. Our products cover all three comprehensive pillars: email security, email privacy, and email encryption. Sure, you could contact us, but our products are best represented in a demo.

Email Encryption

Easy to use email encryption with no plugins or apps. Bracket has turned using email encryption from dread to delight. Just wrap brackets around the [subject] in any email client on any device, and Bracket handles the rest.

Bracket now includes Share, our secure file transfer service, for every user at no additional cost.


High security

Messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys.


Fewer support tickets

No more lost passwords! Fool-proof sign-in mails you a secure, expiring link.


Unrivaled flexibility

Send secure encrypted email and safely transfer files from any email app or web browser.


Email Filtering

Total email security that filters all the junk people don’t want. CloudFilter delivers full-stack protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based ransomware and phishing attacks in a way that’s effective, efficient, and easy to use.

Good mail in, bad mail out

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held for user review, while good messages continue on their way. CloudFilter helps keeps users safe and gives you confidence that your email infrastructure is shielded from harm.


Fully loaded message review

Many Microsoft 365 users report that they receive a high amount of spam on a regular basis. And even worse, they don’t always know where their filtered messages go. Big problems can result from false-positive handling when a good message Microsoft 365 thinks is spam goes missing.

Get more accurate email filtering

CloudFilter email filtering handles messages more intelligently so there are less false-positives. When questionable messages are held, CloudFilter users get a notification that lets them preview, deliver the message, and whitelist the sender, so potentially important messages are no longer buried.

Improve quarantine visibility

CloudFilter gives a big upgrade to standard Microsoft 365 spam filtering, giving every user detailed visibility into what messages were held with insightful analytics and filtering statistics. Now it’s possible for Microsoft 365 users to see easy to read and understand details about the security of a message, so they can be 100% sure it’s safe to release to their inbox.


Fully loaded message review

Customizable notification schedule

Users get message review notifications at the interval that works for them. Whether they want them every hour, never, or anything in between… the choice is theirs.

Preview content in a safe environment

CloudFilter lets users preview the HTML content of a message (images optional) so they can determine whether or not it’s a message they wish to receive in their inbox without risking a malware infection or phishing attack.

Clear explanations of email scoring

Each message has an analytics section which shows data related to the reasons a message was held, where it came from, and even a map showing the point of geographic origin.

Message delivery timeline

There’s also a timeline section, so it’s clear to see the path of a message during it’s lifetime and quickly identify areas where delivery was delayed or interrupted.

Quickly allow or block a sender

CloudFilter lets users easily add a sender to their list of allowed or blocked address in one simple step right from their message preview. It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that users receive exactly the email they want in their inbox.


Admin tools improve mail transit transparency


Email Compliance

Prevents spam proliferation and keeps damaging or sensitive data from being leaked via email. SafeSend expands beyond CloudFilter’s outbound filtering by giving greater control over outbound email traffic with custom content rules and more.

Email compliance for MSPs

Keep secure data from leaking via email

SafeSend gives administrators the ability to define which email content is not permitted for distribution. Utilize pre-defined content lexicons to secure data such as Social Security or credit card numbers, or create custom rules to cover your specific outbound spam filter policy or legal email compliance needs.

Outbound email content filtering prevents the transmission of spam and viruses

Don’t give users the chance to inadvertently forward spam and viruses. SafeSend protects the reputation of your customers by keeping spam and viruses in check.

Instant blocking notifications

If someone tries to send an email that violates company policy or contains malicious content, SafeSend will block the email and immediately notify them that the message was held. If the administrator permissions allow it, they can easily release the email for delivery with a single click. 


Time-saving rule templates

Choose from pre-defined content templates that let you quickly create rules to filter offensive language, credit card information, social security details, and more. Messages triggering these criteria can cause a host of custom actions to run, so admins have full control over how certain types of message content are handled.


Compliance footers

Many organizations are required by law to include a legal disclaimer in the footer of each outgoing email. SafeSend provides this level of email compliance for MSPs with tools to add the required footer to be displayed on all outgoing messages at the account, domain, user group, or individual user level.


Email Continuity

It’s like a spare tire for an email server. With XtraMail, your customers have 24/7 access to an affordable, always on, copy of their last 30 days of email. When their email servers go down, users can login to XtraMail’s webmail and keep emailing from the same address.


Everyone benefits from XtraMail

Individual users keep working

When you experience email downtime, vital conversations are abruptly cut off. Thanks to XtraMail, when an outage occurs, your users will have uninterrupted access to their email.

IT staff can focus

Emergency downtime results in “quick fixes” which don’t properly address the root problem. But since XtraMail’s email continuity service keeps email working, IT staff are free to address issues thoroughly.

Admins don’t get complaints

Administrators become swamped by grumbling and complaining when email is not working. As an email continuity solution, XtraMail’s webmail platform is straightforward to use, so there’s  no need to bug the admin with questions about how to get around.


Like a spare tire for your email

Email outages leave users stranded until the cause of the problem is resolved. Productivity comes to a screeching halt and the potential for missed opportunities is high. XtraMail’s email continuity service combats this by storing a rolling 30 day copy of all inbound and outbound email. This way, users can log in to webmail and keep right on working while the tech guys get things running.


Nothing to turn on… sign in anytime

Users can log in to our secure web portal from any web browser at any time… even if their regular email systems are working properly. Once XtraMail is enabled, there’s nothing to activate during an outage. XtraMail is always working behind the scenes to ensure continuity.


Email Filtering by CloudFilter

CloudFilter protects both your hosted XtraMail inbox AND your primary email systems with the latest spam filtering and virus-protection technology. Before being backed up to XtraMail, CloudFilter scans every message to be sure every type of threat and nuisance is removed.

Email Archiving

Hassle-free cloud-based email archiving with absolutely no storage and retention limits! SecureStore keeps businesses legal and safe by storing copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Users and managers can access the mail archive anytime to search and send stored mail.


Rapid Search and Discovery

With SecureStore business email archiving, every message is saved, indexed and instantly searchable. Our email storage solution will let you find exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Bring focus and clarity to your business with fast and accurate search that illuminates dark data and makes it actionable.


Preserve Data

For businesses, there has never been more data to manage and preserve. Archiving your conversations, contracts and other data makes all the difference.

Protecting critical business information isn’t only prudent; in many cases, it’s mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons.

Maintain Compliance

Regulated by PCI, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX? You’re covered. Business data (and laws regulating it) are continually expanding. While the number and type of regulations vary by industry, nearly every business is required to maintain a complete and easy-to-access archive of ESI, to comply with government mandates, industry regulations and corporate policies.

Email Hosting

CloudMail lets partners offer an affordable yet robust option. CloudMail is our business-class email which includes contacts and calendar features. It can be accessed from the webmail console, or via standard syncing options.


Save money with split-domains

Not everyone needs all of the email hosting features of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, so Mailprotector lets you split domains into groups. People who email a lot can keep using the more expensive secure email hosting, but those who don’t use it as much (factory floor workers, temps, interns, etc.) can be split into their own group and put on CloudMail. It’s one great way that Mailprotector helps MSPs work more efficiently with better margins.


Everything business email users need

Robust email security included

Messages flowing through CloudMail’s secure hosted email are first filtered for the latest spam and malware attacks, then the good email is delivered to your inbox. Don’t bother with managing your junk mail any more. With cloud mail security by CloudMail, your inbox stays neat and tidy.

Contacts and calendars

CloudMail keeps your contacts in sync via CardDAV protocol and lets users keep up with the team with calendars that sync up using CalDAV.

Sync via POP3/IMAP, or use webmail

Keep your email in sync on any email client with syncing via POP3 and IMAP. CloudMail syncing is easy to set up and allows for you to manage your messages in the environment where you do your best work. CloudMail’s IMAP email hosting also includes feature rich webmail access.

25 GB of ample storage space

Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s small! CloudMail inboxes are nicely proportioned with a surprising 25GB of storage to keep your flowing without those annoying “inbox full” messages or bounce notifications.

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