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Baycoms Cybersecurity 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Baycoms Cybersecurity 2023 unlocks capabilities to be ready to deal with cyber threats. At this event, Bangkok MSP brings the leading cloud platform Akamai to introduce to everyone, including CDN, DDOS and more Akamai. Added Line Products that are in the field of Security such as API Security, Micro segmentation and a new Line Product that is Cloud computing service.

At the event, K.Kris Nawani (Co-Founder/Director Bangkok MSP) gave a lecture on the topic "How Akamai Ecosystem will Secure Your Future Growth!" Akamai's work leads the organization to grow. And how to move towards the future of safety?

The Akamai system that we are here to describe includes: 1. Akamai IaaS helps with support for Multi-Cloud work, which allows organizations to choose to use the IaaS system on the Cloud brand that meets their work needs at the best price.

2. Akamai Security helps with organizational security from external attacks through the use of various systems such as WAF, DDos, API Security, Applicaiton Access, MicroSegmentation.

3. Akamai Delivery through the world's number one CND system can help enterprise web applications increase performance, increase reliability and trust, reduce costs, and ultimately reduce the threat of cyberattacks. Moreover, Akamai can connect all operations into a single structure under Akamai.

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