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Web Application and API Security

Reblaze provides next-generation protection via the clouds you already trust.


Comprehensive Protection

Reblaze is a complete web security solution. The platform deploys in minutes, and can be tested as an additional layer of security on top of your existing solutions.



of appliances and cloud solutions, without their drawbacks.

Physical and Virtual Appliances

Limited Processing Capacity Difficult to Maintain/Update No CDN Integration Limited Bandwidth High Expense

Single-Tenant No Network Latency Fixed-Price License Model Processing Inside Perimeter No SSL Private Key Exposure

Next-gen Multivariate WAF/IPS Unique VPC for Each Account All-layer DDOS Protection Advanced Bot Detection Full Historical Data Machine Learning

Physical and Virtual Appliances

Potentially High Latency Possible SSL Exposure Outside Perimeter Licensing Varies Multi-Tenant

Integrated CDN Affordable SaaS Automatic Updates Scalable Bandwidth Scalable Processing Capacity

Top-Tier Cloud Platforms Real-Time Traffic Control Full DevOps Support SSL Management Fine-grained ACL And more.


Reblaze deploys a unique VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for each customer: an entire dedicated stack for each protected web platform, geolocated immediately in front of it.

• All incoming traffic is routed through the VPC and scrubbed as it passes through. Latency is negligible (generally 1.5 milliseconds or less).

• Hostile traffic is blocked before it reaches the protected network. Legitimate traffic has normal access.

• Attackers cannot reach the targeted web platform.

• Bandwidth, instance groups, and other resources scale automatically as needed, limited only by the capacity of the global cloud.



With Reblaze, you can watch and control your traffic in real time. The Dashboard provides an intuitive overview of all your traffic (whether legitimate and hostile), with the ability to quickly drill down into individual requests to see their full details (headers and payloads). Even during DDoS attacks, you always know what’s happening within your site.



Provides next-generation threat detection

Reblaze’s WAF is effective against the full spectrum of intrusion techniques: The Reblaze WAF detects malicious traffic using a multivariate approach, including not only signature detection but also:


• Code and SQL injection

• Cross-site scripting

• Form manipulation

• Protocol exploits • Cookie and session poisoning

• Malicious payloads

• And more.

The Reblaze WAF detects malicious traffic using a multivariate approach, including not only signature detection but also:

• Content evaluation

• Field policy enforcement

• HTTP error triggering

• ISON/XML schema validation

• Argument limitation

• RFC compliance

• Nested encoding detection

• Blacklisting

• Method filtering

• Consumption thresholds

• Payload inspection

• And more.



With advanced biometric detection

Bots are used for a variety of modern web attacks:

• Application-layer DoS and DDoS

• Credential stuffing

• Dictionary attacks

• Vulnerability scanners

• Scraping & data theft

• And more.

Modern bots have become quite sophisticated; many can credibly mimic human visitors, sending keystrokes, mouse movements, and click events to the targeted site. Few web security products have kept up with these advances.


Reblaze’s industry-leading biometric bot detection goes far beyond traditional methods such as browser authentication. The platform uses Machine Learning to construct and maintain behavioral profiles of legitimate human visitors. For each user, Reblaze continually gathers and analyzes stats such as client-side I/O events, triggered by the user’s keyboard, mouse, scroll, touch, zoom, device orientation, movements, and more. Therefore, Reblaze understands how actual humans interact with the web apps it is protecting. Continuous multivariate analysis verifies that each user is indeed a legitimate human.

Reblaze works seamlessly with your existing reporting and response solutions. All incidents, metrics, and other data are instantly passed through to your security platforms, integrated into the business processes and policies you already have in place.



Reblaze integrates fully with a wide range of SIEM and SOC solutions, including ArcSight, RSA, IBM, and Splunk.


Azure and Google command centers

Reblaze integrates with cloud command and control solutions such as Azure Security Center and Google Cloud Security Command Center. Traffic data and events from Reblaze are streamed into these platforms, with the ability to quickly drill down and display granular details.


Other security platforms

If you use a popular security product, it is probably already supported. If not, an engineering team from Reblaze will assist you in integrating it. Reblaze is designed for flexibility and interoperability, to work well with the portals and platforms that you are already using.




Continual Analysis. Continual Adaptation. Reblaze continually collects and analyzes global traffic data, applying machine learning to identify trends in traffic patterns, user behavior, etc. The platform reshapes its security posture in response to current conditions, ensuring maximum accuracy in threat detection. As soon as a new attack pattern is encountered, Reblaze learns from it, adapts to it, and immediately updates all worldwide deployments, hardening them against it. Even as new web threats arise, Reblaze remains effective



Autonomous: Automatic cloud load-balancing distributes loads globally as needed. When an attack occurs, Reblaze blocks the hostile traffic automatically, immediately, and appropriately. Resources autoscale as needed, with no pre-warming required. Fully managed service: Reblaze is managed and kept up-to-date remotely by a team of security experts. As new threats are identified, all global Reblaze deployments are upgraded immediately and automatically to defend against them. You always have the latest protection.

"The reason I chose Reblaze is because I do no work at all. That’s very important to me. It just works.”

Bonnie Grossman, CTO, AllJobs


"Reblaze allows us to do more than just block attackers. Now we’re converting data scrapers into paying customers.”

Livne Niv, Head of Operations and IT, mySupermarket


"Reblaze was the only solution that could support us at a reasonable price.”

Aviram Radai, Sr. Director of Engineering, Samanage “


Reblaze is fully integrated with the top-tier cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google. (Other cloud solutions use self-owned infrastructure, which can’t match the top-tiers for performance and reliability.)



Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all provide cloud security frameworks: GCP Cloud Armor, Azure WAF, and AWS WAF. These require user intervention to define their security rules and keep them updated. This can be very challenging, especially under the stress of an attack. Although Reblaze is a full-featured cloud security solution, some customers prefer to use these policy enforcement modules from their cloud providers. Reblaze’s next-generation threat detection is fully integrated with all of these platforms, converting them into autonomous systems which react immediately to every type of attack. Reblaze identifies hostile traffic, and the cloud providers immediately block it at the edges.


Most WAFs hinder DevOps, but Reblaze supports it. A full API allows you to configure security profiles programmatically, so that every app or service you deploy or modify is protected immediately.


Reblaze scrubs your traffic exclusively within your clouds: the clouds you already trust for your other business processes. (Other cloud solutions decrypt, and usually store, your data on their servers.)


Reblaze’s fine-grained ACL capabilities allow you to precisely control your traffic. You can allow or exclude traffic by IP address, URL, organization, user behavior, geolocation (country, state, and/or city), platform (cloud, anonymous proxies, TOR, etc.), data payload, and more.

"Because Reblaze deploys a dedicated cloud for each data center, if one data center suffered a massive attack, it wouldn’t affect the others. But I have no experience with that, because I’ve never seen any attacks getting through Reblaze to any of my data centers.”


Roger Tan, Systems Manager, Reebonz


Reblaze’s clouds are fully compliant with GDPR, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, FISMA Moderate, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), and other standards and certifications.



Reblaze Technologies is ISO 27001 Certified, AICPA SOC 2 Certified, and is a PCI DSS Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Service Provider.



Reblaze Technologies is ISO 27001 Certified, AICPA SOC 2 Certified, and is a PCI DSS Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Service Provider.

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