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Penetration Testing Made Automated


We’re transforming Security Validation with automated intelligent systems modeled using the techniques utilized by literally millions of hackers that penetrate system

Introducing RidgeSecurity

RidgeSecurity’s advanced AI technologies replicate techniques used by hackers today. We’ve taken that information and transformed it into a collection of tools and techniques that continues to grow each day with new automated penetration testings methodologies.


Intelligent Security Validation Robot

Ridge Security is changing this game with RidgeBot, an intelligent security validation Robot. RidgeBot is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. RidgeBot acts like a real attacker, relentlessly locate exploits and documents their findings. RidgeBot automates penetration testing, making it affordable with the ability to run at scale. They work within a defined scope and instantly replicates to address highly complex structures.


Horizontal Privilege Escalation Detection System
Broken Access Control and Horizontal Privilege Escalation Broken Access Control refers to the ability of an end-user, whether through tampering of a URL, cookie, token, or contents of a page, to virtually access data where they shouldn’t have access. Commonly encountered are broken access controls and critical security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities rank #5 in OWASP’s (Open Web Application Security Project) 2017 Top 10 most critical web application security risks. Learn how RidgeHad detects Broken Access Control and Horizontal Privilege Escalation Broken Access Control.

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