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SafeNet Trusted Access (STA)

Accelerate your Cloud Transformation
and Secure your Hybrid Infrastructure
with SafeNet Trusted Access

          SafeNet Trusted Access is an access management and authentication service that ensures no user is a target by allowing you to expand authentication to all users and apps with diverse authentication capabilities. Because it gives you the power to control access to all apps with the right policy, you can enforce the right authentication method for the right user.

Simplify user access to cloud services and enterprise apps, streamline cloud identity management, and eliminate password hassles for IT and users with SafeNet Trusted Access, while getting a single pane view of access events across your app estate to ensure that the right user has access to the right application at the right level of trust.

SafeNet Trusted Access – Adapts to users needs

SafeNet Trusted Access is unique in its ability to meet the diverse needs of diverse users in your organization, by proposing the right authentication method for the right user.


Practices or concept that may have worked for us in the past, are no longer valid for the reality today. Every user is a target, there is no longer a clearly defined perimeter to defend. At the same time not all authentication methods are created equal and can fit all use cases and users in your organization.


That is why it is no longer relevant to assume that the authentication and access management solution you have can necessarily protect you in the future. Until now you might have checked a box in implementing MFA for your IT staff but as we’ve in these examples, attacks focus on all types of users. Relying on what used to work for you in the past is  liable to lead to blind spots in an organization’s security assumptions. 


Secure Access with Authentication everywhere

At Thales we believe that organizations can manage their digital transformations securely by protecting more apps and more users through better MFA coverage. In today’s threat environment all users and applications are targets. That’s why to ensure anywhere secure access, MFA should be expanded to cover all potential targets.


Offering contextual/adaptive and modern authentication capabilities, through high-assurance FIDO devices, as well as Push and pattern based authentication, SafeNet Trusted Access allows you to expand secure access to any app and all users, by enabling users to authenticate anywhere, whatever their circumstances.

SafeNet Trusted Access Benefits:

  • Expand authentication to more users by meeting specific authentication needs

  • Apply authentication to more apps thanks to flexible integration technologies

  • Deploy quickly and smoothly and ensure remote implementation for thousands of users

  • Complement existing solutions and expand secure access to more users and user types.

  • Offer user convenience with passwordless authentication for enhanced security and reduced costs


The 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. With over 900 entries in more than 250 award categories, the 2022 Awards program is highly competitive. All winners reflect the very best in innovation and excellence in tackling today’s urgent cybersecurity challenges.

SafeNet Trusted Access has been awarded the
Gold 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for
Best Passwordless Solution, Best Multi-Factor Authentication and Best Identity and Access Management
Thales SafeNet Trusted Access Demo
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